The process of modifying your smile design will improve the appearance of your smile through one or more methods of tooth beauty, such as tooth decay, orthodontics, tooth extraction and tooth whitening. In fact, a smile design is what you choose to show it to others, while a complete mouth reconstruction can give you what you actually need to give it to others. Smile features that may be modified by modifying your smile design include: Silver or amalgam tooth color can be replaced with natural tooth or color shapes to your teeth, whilst teeth whitening can be colored by teeth. Improves stain or opacity. Tooth color and shade are important issues during the evaluation and preparation process for using different techniques such as porcelain coating, dentin, bridging, toothbrushing with composite materials and tooth implantation. You think, keep in mind that darkness or tooth decay may be for the life of your tooth. A good smile design consists of certain components, such as brightness and whiteness of the teeth, which can actually make your teeth look young and fresh. The shade that your dentist uses to whiten and lubricate your teeth is carefully selected based on specific considerations regarding the type and color of your face and hair. A cosmetic dentist is skilled and experienced in finding the right balance between presenting a brighter face, whiter laughter and maintaining the natural color of your teeth.